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Introducing WILYMI’s newest collection, “Presence.” Delve into the duality of the word itself as it inspires us to acknowledge our individual significance and embrace the power of the present moment.

Crafted with subtlety and purpose, each piece in this collection features a delicate design and semi-precious stones, symbolizing grounding and stability amidst life’s ebbs and flows.

At the heart of “Presence” lies the intention to proudly take up space, to declare, “I am here, now.” 

Shop now and adorn yourself with reminders of your unique value and the power of living in the now.


With love and luminescence,

Romina xo

The duality of the word “Presence” is inspiring me deeply this year. With this collection, we are acknowledging the unique value we each bring to the world by taking up space and owning our “presence”, and doing so mindfully, in the moment, “present”.

Intention: I proudly take up space. I am here, now. ✨

xo Ro